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Schools Fundraising

Get your school involved and help us to give smiles to children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care.
Fundraising for Theodora is not only a great way to help us make a difference for poorly children, it’s also a way for your pupils to learn about giving and helping other children in need – a vital lesson that builds character and compassion.
We have a useful lesson plan which you can download here. It includes discussion points and activities which will help to teach your students all about the hospital environment, the Giggle Doctors and how your students can help give poorly children the chance to laugh and smile. In turn they can also learn that the hospital environment doesn’t have to be frightening place with scary looking equipment and painful procedures, which could benefit any future experiences.
You can also hold your own fundraising event, get the kids, teachers and parents involved in sponsored events or nominate us to become your school’s Charity of the Year. Check out our fundraising packs below for ideas and resources to get you started. 
If you’re students are interested in supporting us and would like to hear more about our work, we can even arrange for a Giggle Doctor to come and speak at your school assembly. They will be able to witness the magic of a Giggle Doctor visit and really feel the difference of their fundraising efforts. 
Download our primary schools pack and secondary schools pack for more information, or contact Jessica on 020 7713 0044 or

Our Supporters

A huge thank you to our school supporters, who have helped us to give smiles to even more children when they need it most. These include:   
  • Holy Trinity C of E, who raised over £6,000 during their lent appeal
  • Cranleigh Prep School, for their continued support which has raised over £4,000
  • The Schools of Somerhill, who have raised an incredible £1,479 
  • Edmunds Prep and Windlesham School, who each raised over £600 with various fundraising activities 

Quick stop fundraising ideas
Getting your school involved is a great way of raising vital funds for those much needed smiles and it couldn’t be easier! Here are some quick ideas that will get everyone giggling in no time…
  • Bring and buy sale
  • Disco – sell tickets and encourage students to get their dancing shoes on
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Fancy dress – ask all the pupils (and teachers too) to dress up as their favourite character for a day and pay £1 for the privilege
  • Jokes – ask each pupil to bring in their favourite joke and a £1 or £2 donation and hold a class or assembly dedicated to joke telling
  • Sports day – tie in your fundraiser with an existing sports day
  • Enter our Christmas Card Competition – encourage everyone to get arty and donate £1 per entry. Someone from your school could even win as an added bonus!
These are just some ideas and you can be as creative as you like! If you want to discuss fundraising at your school further, please feel free to contact Jessica or call our main office on 020 7713 0044. We look forward to hearing from you!

All the children at The Children’s Trust love the visits from the Theodora Clown Doctors. The moments they spend with each child are magical. For a few minutes the child is transferred to a safe, fun and loving place by the skills of the doctors...The staff watch on in amazement at the reactions the doctors get from every child.

Rosemarie, nurse

It was wonderful to see the happiness on the children’s faces and see them really giggling and laughing when they are so obviously going through such a difficult time in their young lives. The dedication and kindness of the Clown Doctors is humbling.




Autumn / Winter Newsletter 2017

In this newsletter we find out how the Giggle Doctors helped Emily and we highlight some of the incredible support we have received recently.

"When Dr Ding Dong visits, you can see that there is a special bond between the two of them."

View our latest newsletter here.




We are recruiting a Finance and Administration Officer

Join our friendly office team...

Finance and Administration Officer
The Theodora Children’s Charity is a small and friendly children's charity based in Islington. We improve the well-being of children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres by sending professional performers called Giggle Doctors to bring magical moments of fun and laughter at difficult and challenging times.
We are currently recruiting for a Finance and Administration Officer. The  Finance and Administration Officer plays a key role in supporting all areas of the charity, but is focussed on finance and ensuring the smooth running of the office. They will work closely with the whole team and our freelance accountant. This is a great opportunity for someone with strong numerical, organisational and administrative skills.
It is a full-time role, however we would be happy to adjust the position to fit part-time of approximately 25-30 hours per week. 
If you are interested in applying please click here to read the Job Description and Person Specification.
To apply please send your CV and covering letter addressing how you meet each point in the Person Specification to
Closing date: 9am Monday 18th September


Dr Ding Dong features on BBC Radio Bristol!

Dr Ding Dong enjoyed speaking with Dr Phil Hammond on his BBC Saturday Surgery show...

"I visited one child recently who's been in hospital for quite a few weeks and will be for a good few months. He loves playing with ball games and I do close up magic. There is a lot of very interactive stuff and over the weeks I've been seeing him, it's turned in to a really lovely friendship" - Dr Ding Dong
On Saturday 26th August, Dr Ding Dong was delighted to speak with Dr Phil Hammond on his BBC Radio Bristol show. During the interview, Dr Ding Dong tells us about what made her decide to become a Giggle Doctor, what it is like to give joy and laughter on wards and some experiences of the children she has met and the giggles she has given!
You can listen to the whole interview on the BBC website here.


The difference we make: Jack's Story

Only four years old, Jack was in hospital for his second open heart surgery when he met Dr Teapot...

Only four years old, Jack was in hospital for his second open heart surgery when he met Dr Teapot. His 
mum Laura kindly agreed to share Jack's Giggle Doctor visit and how it helped Jack feel like a normal
child again.
"My son Jack, who is four years old, was in the hospital to have his second open heart surgery 
for a sub aortic membrane. It was in July that he met Dr Teapot for the first time.
Jack had just had drains and cannulas removed plus bloods taken and scans carried out. He 
was also not eating or drinking, so he was exceptionally lethargic and upset. 
Dr Teapot helped to distract him from the environment he had been living in for over a week. 
They helped him to feel like a 'normal child' again. 
Jack's favourite part of the visit was when the Dr Teapot was pretending to pull fluff balls from 
his favourite blanket and then finding them behind Jack's ears. This made Jack laugh more than
I had heard him laugh in weeks. 
Play in hospital is crucial to help children remain children. Being in a hospital environment can 
really affect a child's self-esteem and psychological well-being. The visit has helped Jack to realise
that not everything that happens during a hospital stay has to be negative. Jack is looking at more open
heart surgery in the future and it helps to remember the fun times of Dr Teapot’s visit."


Dr Jammi - Proud to Work in Healthcare

Dr Jammi's feature in Proud to Work in Healthcare

Jamie Wood AKA Dr Jammi features in an article written by Proud to Work in Healthcare. In it, he describes his journey as a Giggle Doctor and the magical experiences with the children he meets, as he helps to bring laughter to children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care... 

For the original story, please visit:


Why am I Proud to Work in Healthcare?

Even after all these years, I still feel nervous the night before going to work. I don’t know who I’m going to meet, what I’m going to do or what I might see. I go into extremely fragile worlds and I don’t want to be clumsy or cause any harm. The only thing I’m certain of is that I will be very moved and learn something new.
I am a Giggle Doctor for the Theodora Children’s Charity. We’re trained performers who visit children in hospital and try to provide them with a little fun and respite from the unpleasantness of being ill and stuck on a ward. Our job is to listen to, encourage and entertain the children and their families, and provide a space for them to explore their imaginative powers.
I  I really do work with some extraordinary people and we learn a huge amount from each other.  I
I graduated from Giggle School in 2006. I had no idea what to expect when I first started, and to be honest I came into it a little arrogantly. Having studied Fine Art and Theatre and had in my mind that I was going to make serious theatre I didn’t really feel that being a Giggle Doctor fitted with my self-image, but in time it blew me away.
The two-year training programme balances practical needs – such as hygiene, infection control and safeguarding – with performance skills, and it starts with observing an experienced Giggle Doctor at work, which I found an incredible thing to witness. I was shocked to see how the doctors could engage and then play with all the children even though they started in such different emotional places. I remember wondering how they could make it look so easy! I really do work with some extraordinary people and we learn a huge amount from each other.
One of my colleagues is a mindfulness instructor and taught me about accepting the child’s emotional state before trying to play with them. I remember going to Great Ormond Street Hospital with another colleague, Dr Bananas, and visiting a girl who was missing her mum. She was really upset and had no interest in playing, so I suggested that she wrote her mum a letter. I got a postcard and she dictated the most beautiful message, in which she told her mum how much she loved her, how she looked forward to her visits and how happy she felt when she saw her mum’s face. Dr Bananas and I were on the verge of tears. When she had finished we asked her what we should do now. “Let’s go on holiday!” she cried, and very shortly we were pretending to swim at a beach in Spain. Writing the letter had acknowledged and dealt with her homesickness and allowed her to move on from it.
Some children who don’t play immediately are simply shy. With them, I start playing on my own, talking to my puppets, playing with their toys or making a tune with my ukulele. The child is an observer, seeing that it is a safe and friendly environment. As soon as they respond in some way, with a smile or a little chuckle, I gently involve them with the game. Usually by the end they are joining in enthusiastically and we can help them create their own imaginative games. Really we are facilitators in play; our job is to open up the possibility of playing, issue an invitation to play and then follow where the child wants to go! Each Giggle Doctor does this differently and part of our training is developing our costume and character. This doesn’t stop when we qualify and we’re constantly tinkering with our ‘act’. In fact, I think about it all the time; I just find it so interesting.
I  It’s amazing to see the difference that we make to the children and we hear some wonderful things from their families.  I
It has changed my stage work. I used to make theatre for the art world, but since becoming a Giggle Doctor I have wanted my productions to be for everyone. Now I try to cross into the audience’s worlds, just how I have to in hospital with patients and their families..
One of the challenges in this is connecting with children of all ages. You just have to work out what the person needs at that time and communicate to them, “It’s all OK. For this moment, I can handle whatever you have for me.” I went into a ward once and met a 16-year-old girl, who was looking very anxious and immediately asked me if I’d ever had an operation. “No,” I replied, “but my mum has.” She asked me if my mum had been any different afterwards – she was worried that having surgery would change her forever in some way. I reassured her and told her about my mum, who had emerged from the operation exactly the same person she had been before (minus the problem), and my new friend seemed a lot more relaxed.
Some of the best interactions come when I can involve a doctor or nurse in the play. I find it really changes the relationship between the family and the staff. They’re generally very happy to join in, or leave us to play and come back to see the child later, although we always offer to make way for them if they do interrupt us. We’re most effective when the staff see us as part of the team for making the kids feel better.
I feel so humbled by the job. It’s amazing to see the difference that we make to the children and we hear some wonderful things from their families. We uncover hidden talents, get children moving and singing for the first time in months, and most importantly we give them some time where people aren’t focusing on their illness.

Help us

Whether it's making a donation or telling your friends about us, there are plenty of ways to help us in our continuing efforts to ease the suffering of children in Hong Kong's hospitals.

How you can help…

Please help Foundation Theodora in our continuing efforts to ease the suffering of children in Hong Kong hospitals. Foundation Theodora has no source of income other than the generosity of donors.   
Foundation Theodora is a registered charity in Hong Kong. Monetary donations are tax-deductible.

Method 1

You can transfer the donations directly to our account:
HSBC (Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank Corporation)
Account name   : Foundation Theodora
Account number: 110-520764-001 
Please keep the proof of transfer in order to request a receipt from us.

Method 2

You can send cheques made payable to “Foundation Theodora” at the following address:
Foundation Theodora c/o
Cohen, Boase, Collins
C/o Gilbert Collins
2303 - 7 Dominion Center
43-59 Queen's road East
Hong Kong 
For any information, interest in making a donation or organizing an event in favor of Foundation Theodora please contact Mr. Jean-Michel Ou at
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You can like us and follow our Dr Amy on Facebook (


The Clown Doctors work wonders and bring smiles to such poorly little people. The work they do is so important.


We first met the Clown Doctors about 2 weeks after my six year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. Up to that point she cried every time someone in a uniform came near her. When the Clown Doctors arrived all we heard was laughter and lots and lots of smiles and this has continued ever since! For this I will always be grateful to you.



Our partners

The members of the Foundation Theodora Hong Kong and its entire team, would like to thank for their precious and longstanding support the following partners.

    Become a partner

    How your company can help

    Corporate partners

    CLP Power Hong Kong
    For over 100 years, CLP has powered Asia’s dynamic and spectacular growth. We have become an integral part of the communities we serve with millions depending on us for energy. Today, we operate in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, Australia, India, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Where we operate we become part of the social and economic fabric of the local communities, working with them to achieve sustainable growth.
    ISS Hong Kong
    ISS HK is a part of one of the world's largest facility service groups, we are engaged in the front-line of delivery of facility support services.
    Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust
    The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust can trace its long tradition of donating to charitable causes back to at least 1915, but it was in the 1950s as Hong Kong struggled to cope with post-war reconstruction and a massive influx of immigrants, that this role became integral to its operation. In 1955, the Club formally decided to devote its surplus each year to charity and community projects. In 1959, a separate company, the Hong Kong Jockey Club (Charities) Ltd, was formed to administer donations.

    We really value the joy that Foundation Theodora brings to sick children in hospital. The clown doctors are hugely talented – bringing with them the ideal mix of professionalism, empathy and humour to deliver a truly invaluable service.