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For over 100 years, CLP has powered Asia’s dynamic and spectacular growth. We have become an integral part of the communities we serve with millions depending on us for energy. Today, we operate in Hong Kong, Chinese Mainland, Australia, India, Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Where we operate we become part of the social and economic fabric of the local communities, working with them to achieve sustainable growth.

When a child smiles, his or her face lightens up! With such a strong link to light, our paths were meant to cross. Ever since my first meeting with CLP’s CEO, Mr. Andrew Brandler, late in 2001, there was a common understanding that we would provide a service to the community that would respect the highest quality and safety standard, much in line with the policies in place at CLP.  As such, we were proud to be the chosen charity of several teams, during several years of the Safety, Health and Environment days.  The proximity of the Tuen Muen and the Kwong Wah hospitals with a power plant and the offices of CLP, lead these to be the chosen hospitals in which of the wide CLP family, including its customers, adopted the visits of Theodora’s clown doctors.  The Theodora foundation was also very proud to be a chosen charity for CLP’s bill insert campaign.
It is an honor to work with one of Hong Kong’s historic and leading companies. Laughter is a renewable source of energy and we look forward to continue working together, since this energy is the source of much happiness and magic.”
André Poulie, President of the Foundation Theodora.