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Board of Trustees

The Foundation Theodora is governed by a board of trustees who volunteer their time, skills and expertise.  Our trustees come from a range of backgrounds which include finance, communication, operational risk & management and human resources. 

The trustees meet at least once per year in order to overview the foundation's activities and undersign the audit of the report of the accounts. On the same occasion they set out the objectives for the year to come. The trustees of the Fondation Theodora ar in regular contact with each other throughout the year and are available to support in any way needed the progess of the foundations's programs in Hong Kong. This is particularly the case during events organised by the foundations's Partners in Hong Kong. 

Since the registration of the Foundation Theodora in Hong Kong in April 2002, it's board of Trustees is composed of:

  • André Poulie, President
  • Jan Poulie, Vice-President
  • Lady Betty Kadoorie, Secretary